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As soon as this idea landed on my desk last week, I knew I was interested. A doctor on demand app for central London. My main concern was how they vetted the doctors, and who I would see, but I’ll come to that later.

The average waiting time to see your GP is around 7-10 working days, but with GPDQ, the UK’s first on-demand app, a doctor will come to your door within the hour in central London 7 days a week, from 8am til 11pm, even on Bank Holidays.

GPDQ have launched an early version of its IOS and android apps and is looking to expand across the UK next year.  The app helps busy people get on with their lives rather than worrying about taking time off work to go to a doctor’s appointment, or having to take their children into a surgery. As it stands, patients can request a GP and track the route of their doctor from their smartphone, to know exactly when they’ll arrive. Patients get a 25 minute consultation, and GPs can issue private prescriptions that can be delivered within two hours. Payments are made through the app and users can even book and pay for the appointment for others. Pretty impressive. GPDQ are offering a 20% discount for your first visit, and although it’s not cheap, at £120 for a week day and £150 on a weekend, it’s a brilliant service.

My main concern when I hit the ‘book doctor’ button on the app was now knowing anything about the random doctor that was about to turn up at my house in 49 minutes. (I love that you can track their progress on the app, very like Halo). Luckily for me, the doctor behind this genius app, Doctor Anshumen Bhagat a north London GP with 15 years of experience in the NHS and private health sectors, was the man to turn up on my doorstep. I knew I was in good hands, but that still didn’t give me an idea of their other doctors. After half an hour of grilling Dr Bhagat assured me that they’re starting small and growing organically, that the CQC approved service puts all GPs through vigourous screening and intensive training before they go live on the service. Following that, any GPs signed up to the service receive continuous professional development and support, with personal access to educational materials and events to help maintain the promised high level of service.

I can’t wait to watch this company grow, I think it’s a great tool, not only for worried parents who can’t get an appointment at their local GP for love nor money, but also to support our NHS doctors who work so hard.

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