I came across the game “Don’t Eat Pete” on Pinterest while looking for games for Cub Scouts. It was meant to be just a fun simple game, but it can easily be adapted to a learning aid. Which is exactly what it has become during home schooling. A fun way to help remember facts and maths.

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To play “Don’t Eat Pete” you will need:

  • Piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Skittles or some other similar sweet

To set up draw a grid onto the paper. However, many segments you make is up to you. In each section write out a question e.g. a times table. Next place a sweet in each section.

How to play

Send one player out of the room. While they are out of the room choose one sweet to be Pete.

don't eat pete

Bring the player back in. They now must answer as many questions correctly to get the sweets, without picking Pete. If they pick Pete, you have to shout, “Don’t eat Pete!”

You can add a little extra to it by shouting things like “Don’t eat Penelope”. I did this to YC while playing a game on telling the time. She almost jumped out of her skin.

YC with her winnings.

When the player picks Pete, the game restarts with another player and the board refilled with sweets.

Hopefully this will be a great addition to your home learning plans.

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Don't Eat Pete is a fun party game and a fun aid to learning.