I’m going to put my hands up and confess. Until this morning I hadn’t treated my cats for ticks and fleas since the end of September, mainly because I’ve always assumed that the end of the summer also means the end of those nasty critters, until at least March or April when the warmer weather sets in.

On doing a little research it seems I’m not alone. Recent research conducted by FRONTLINE Plus reveals that a staggering half of pet owners in the UK don’t realise just how much of a risk ticks can be during the winter, and that same half are not protecting their pets properly.

This risk is mostly down to the warmer temperatures we see nowadays. In fact, the combo of wet and warmer weather that is now typical of our winters is the perfect breeding ground for those horrible miniature monsters that wreak so much havoc without us realising.

It’s a fact that tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease and canine babesiosis are on the rise. Ticks can be easily picked up from trips to the woods, heathlands, moorlands, fields, forests, urban parks and garden shrubs – so it’s clear that both cats and dogs are at risk.

TV Vet Dr Scott Miller is working alongside FRONTLINE Plus to raise awareness of the issue, and this is what he has to say: “I have seen an increasing number of dogs come to my practice requiring tick-related treatment in recent years and it’s a huge concern that so many pet owners aren’t aware that ticks are a risk in the winter. With serious tick-borne diseases like canine babesiosis being potentially fatal to dogs, action needs to be taken to make sure owners are treating their pets every four weeks, all year round, with a product that kills ticks such as FRONTLINE Plus.”

The most bonkers thing is, Reggie and Delilah are so ‘chillaxed’ that they really don’t mind it when I administer treatment to the back of their necks, so for me, there really is no excuse.

The risk of ticks in winter can be fatal to our furry friends, and can lurk unnoticed for many months in your home. Keeping your pets free from fleas and ticks means a healthy household for you and your little ones.

So, crack on and treat your pets this Christmas to a good old flea treatment by FRONTLINE Plus.