The summer holidays are finally here! Which means it is time to get some new games ready for some family time, especially when we are trying to escape the heat of the midday sun. This shark card game is the perfect way to enjoy some family game time, without things getting too competitive. It’s kind of like a Pop Up Pirate type game, but without the popping up of a hidden pirate. To make like easier for you I have made a PDF of it so you can simply print your own copy out.

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You will need:


  • Colouring pencils
  • Glue
  • Gift tags

To make it slightly more interesting I coloured my fish in during one of my days off. To me there is nothing better than watching  Voyager while colouring in (well perhaps watching Disney) on a day off. Obviously this is something that you can get your little ones to do.

As I want my ones to last slightly longer than a few games I glued my fish to some sturdier luggage tags from Ryman. The added bonus is that nobody can see through the paper to avoid the sharks.

If you don’t want to do either of those then all you simply need to do is cut them out.

How to play:

Ones you have all your pieces ready turn them over.

Then on each go turn over on card.

The whole object of the game is not to turn over a shark, if you do you loss.

You only have to play with one shark if you want to, but to make it slightly more interesting (especially if you have more than two players) you can add in the other shark.

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Don't wake the shark: a card game for the whole family. Free printable PDF of the game.