I long to be the type of mother who is on top of all her home admin but most of the time I seem to rush around juggling what I have to remember to do on a daily basis!  One of the tasks that never gets done, because there is no imminent deadline, is sorting out the children’s artwork (along with my own photographs!). I tend to hang their latest mini masterpieces up on the fridge, or a giant pinboard and then store them away in the overflowing memory boxes in the attic, to be sorted through at a later date, whilst I make room for the next creation…

Storing & sharing children’s art

Then I met the gorgeous Andrea, from Doodle Nest, and she has revolutionised the problem of storing and sharing children’s art! Simply choose and send them the pieces that you would like to have turned into coffee table books, collages or personalised greeting cards.  They will professionally photograph, edit and layout each piece, sending a digital proof for your approval before printing.  Using their artistic eye and superb museum quality materials and printing, your child’s art collection will be compactly and beautifully displayed for all the family to treasure and enjoy for many years to come.  They also make wonderful presents for grandparents, parents and the children themselves.

Now back to my list of what else I need to remember to do!

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