Trying to help my youngest charge write her own letters can be slightly difficult.  I sometimes find that the letters in the workbooks that we do are too small, or at least too small for someone who is just learning to write them. To rectify the problem I made some dot 2 dot letters on index cards.  That way she can get an idea of the movement she needs to make, then as she gets more comfortable doing it we can start making the letters smaller and smaller.

You will need:

  • Index cards
  • Dot and star stickers
  • Pen
  • Laminator (optional)

On one side I wrote the letter out, with a star showing where you start.  On the other side I put dots in the shape of the letter, again with a star to show where she needs to start.

I then laminated the cards so that we can reuse them over and over.

The other great things about doing these dot 2 dot cards is that firstly they are still small enough for you to pop them into your bag and use them as a busy bag activity.  Finally you can use them as flash cards to help them learn their letter sounds.

This activity may help development of:

  • Writing skills