Do you ever find that you or your little ones get stuck in a creative rut?  That you repeat the same things over and over again?  Don’t get me wrong, it is important to repeat things especially when it comes to learning new things.  It is how we learn and develop those skills.  I saw this recently saw this brilliant activity that can help get those creative juices going again and makes you really think.  Drawing with circles is a fun yet challenging exercise.  To make it even easier for you I have created a free downloadable templet for you to use.

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For this drawing with circles exercise you will need:

The point of this exercise is to turn each circle into a different picture.  At first it can be rather challenging to come up with different ideas.  But the more that you do it the easier it becomes.

Let your little one’s experiment for themselves without jumping in and giving them ideas.  When I did this with EC, he was very eager to do it, but I can’t post a picture of what he turned half of his into.  I will leave it up to your imagination of what a pre-teen boy would start turning circles into!

BB used his to fill them up with different emotions.  We have just been reading “The Colour Monster”, which is all about sort emotions into different colours.

My middle drawing is looking down into a tea cup. I was inspired to do that one while I drank my tea.

As this drawing with circles exercise is very simple, it would also be a great one to use when you are at a restaurant and the kids are colouring while waiting for their meal.

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Drawing with circles exercise for kids.