Exploring new painting techniques with YC and EC has been one of the best things about lock down. Our newest method was all about drop painting with inks.

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To do drop painting you will need:

  • Pipette
  • Ink/ food colouring/ liquid watercolours
  • Watercolour paper
  • Tray
  • Tape
  • Bookstand

We used inks for this, but liquid watercolours or food colouring mixed with water would work.

For drop painting you do need to use watercolour paper for best results. If you use normal paper, the inks will be absorbed too quickly.

If you have a bookstand place it in a tray. Easels work just as well. If you don’t have either, tape the paper to something so that it standing up right. Just make sure that the paper is still in a tray and that you aren’t going to ruin whatever it is you have taped it too.

Lean your paper against your bookstand, you may need to clip it or tape it so it doesn’t fall down.

drop painting

Using a pipette, drip the inks at the top of the page and let them run down the page.

YC liked to experiment turning her paper to create different patterns.

I liked the way the ink would just sit their as a drip. If would eventually be absorbed into the paper, but it looked pretty cool.

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Drop painting process art for children.