Decorating your child’s bedroom is a huge milestone for parent and child alike; it’s an experience that stands out in our childhood and a moment that we reflect back on as adults many years down the line, so why not make that experience all the more special by making it a project that you can embark upon together?

Leading paint brand Dulux, via their new Kids’ Bedrooms focused campaign, is encouraging all parents to collaborate with their child and involve them in the process of decorating their room. Not only is it a fabulous means of family bonding and spending time together, but it’s a brilliant developmental activity for your child, fuelling their creativity and improving their confidence, decision-making abilities and providing an excellent outlet for creative and self-expression.

And it’s not just Dulux championing a collaborative approach to decorating, as 92% of kids confess they’d spend more time enjoying their bedrooms if they could help decide how it was decorated. Furthermore, Child Developmental Psychologist, Dr. Sam Wass, is a huge advocate of the paint brand’s campaign and supporting research, stating that:

‘The bedroom is the first real, permanent thing that children can influence… Involving a child helps them to establish their own inner space and the image that they want to project to others. And for parents, having a chance to work together with their children can really help to establish a stable, respectful relationship.’

The research also found that decorating their room was more important to kids than their first day at school or losing their first tooth!

Aware of the perceived challenges of bedroom-decorating with your little one, Dulux has curated a whole range of content to help you and your little one through every stage of the decorating journey. Available here you can find:

  • A downloadable Kids Bedroom Project Workbook – this is a fantastic resource for you to work through with your child to guide you through the process from start to finish. From finding inspiration to compiling shopping lists and schedules, the Kids’ Bedroom Workbook is designed to encourage parents and kids to work together to create their dream bedroom. Packed full of fun activities and inspiration, the workbook will keep you on track for a brilliant new bedroom in no time!
  • Details of six amazing bedroom themes, including jungle, sports, circus, storybook, superhero and space. With how-to guide videos, step by step instructions and ready to go shopping lists, Dulux has made it easy as pie to recreate one of their themes for your child’s new and improved bedroom.
  • A Kids’ Bedroom themed quiz to match a one of Dulux’s exclusive bedroom themes to your child’s personality and help provide some inspiration

What’s more, Dulux has the perfect paint range for all your kids bedroom decorating needs – Endurance+. Its Diamond Tough formulation is twenty times tougher than standard emulsion, meaning it’s the perfect solution to sticky fingers, muddy boots, crayon-related stains and more, as you wipe away the stain instead of the paint, meaning your walls stay as fresh as the day you painted them!

For more information on Dulux’s Kids’ Bedroom campaign and all the content they have available, head here.

Also, complete the Kids’ Bedroom Project book and share a picture of your finished kid’s room with Dulux on and you could be in for a nice surprise! You can also tweet them at @DuluxUK, #KidsBedroom.


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