Many of our readers have written in today about the heartbreaking episode of One Born Every Minute, aired last night. Proud mum and dad Hayley and Pete fought bravely for six days against Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), but tragically lost their son Kaiden. 

CDH is a birth defect that can affect any unborn child and requires ante-natal care plus intensive care and treatment of the affected newborn. Please sign the petition to support the push for more funding for research into CDH. 

The creators of the petition, Brenda Lane and Beverley Power say “There is no known cause or prevention and treatment remains medically challenging and costly. The babies that survive may endure ongoing medical problems ranging from asthma and feeding problems to chronic lung and digestive problems, developmental delays/issues and oxygen dependancy. We want the Government to provide funding to enable well designed research into the cause of CDH with a view to finding the prevention and better treatment of the condition, resulting in saving lives and potentially saving costs to the NHS long term.”