I know my latest rant might divide opinion somewhat (I hoping no more than 70/30 in my favour!) but I have to go off on one about this. And just quickly, if you haven’t pressed play yet, you may find the video distressing.

Even before I had my children I always thought the idea of babies, toddlers and children under 10 years old having their ears pierced was completely bonkers. I just do not agree with parents piecing a baby’s ears. In my opinion, it’s barbaric and a totally unnecessary act. Plus, let’s face it, it looks low-rent. To this date, 77,238 have signed a petition to ban ear piercing in children in the UK and I didn’t hesitate to add my name to that list.

When I take my two little ones to soft play I always see at least one little girl with pieced ears and I can never understand what possessed the parents to do it. I mean, exactly what does?!

I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 14 years old, as my parents just wouldn’t allow it, and although I used to beg them from the age of about 11, I’m glad I didn’t have them pierced before my teenage years. I remember vividly bracing myself for that throbbing pain that ripped through each ear lobe after being branded with the ear piercer’s gun. The sore and bleeding lobes that never seemed to heel, the masking tape I’d have to use at school to cover them during PE to minimise the risk of them being ripped out – was it worth it even then?! This rip risk has got to be bigger in a baby or toddler. They’re always falling over and walking into things, and surely their natural reaction would be to pull an earring out? Why would you want to put your child at risk of hurting themselves, swallowing and chocking on an earring or the back of an earring, or getting an infection – for no benefit whatsoever?

Before I’m shot down in flames by any angry readers, I’ll add the disclaimer that if that’s a religious or a cultural tradition where ear piercing in young children is customary, then perhaps it’s understandable, but what I can’t comprehend is why it’s done in the name of fashion.

Can’t we all just be happy dressing up our little girls in adorable dresses, ribbons and hair bands?  Is ear piecing really necessary?! What say you?