What do you need to do an Easter egg hunt, apart from eggs? Why a basket of course. We attended an Easter egg hunt today, and although they were actually given a canvas bag, we still had fun making our own woven Easter baskets before the event.

I was a bit dubious about doing this craft with my little ones as it involved weaving, and the whole in and out can be slightly confusing for them. My eldest charge, at 5, had no problem with this once he had started, but my youngest charge, at nearly 4, needed a lot of help, but she still enjoyed choosing which colours to use and pulling the paper in and out with some prompting.

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To make your own Easter basket you will need:

  • Card stock
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Ruler

easter basket

1. On one of the pieces of card stock draw around something round and then add some spokes coming of it.

2. On some other coloured paper draw and cut out some thin strips; these will be used to weave around the basket.
3. Fold the spokes up and then weave one strip of paper around at a time.

easter basket

4. When you have filled up the entire space fold the top of spokes over the paper; half will fold in and the other half will fold out.
5. The staple the handle into place.

This craft can be easily adapted to suit different ages and abilities. For my little ones I added and glued the first strip into place, this added some stability to the spokes and gave them an idea of what they were trying to achieve. For older children you could get them to design their basket frame and cut it out themselves.

This craft may aid the development of:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Pattern recognition – when it goes in and out or out and it
  • Thinking ahead and planning
Using her basket to hold some of the smaller eggs she found

Using her basket to hold some of the smaller eggs she found

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Make an Easter basket out of paper.