Who doesn’t like doing a classic kids craft like potato printing?  We used home-schooling as a way to do some Easter egg potato printing with BB.

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To do your own Easter egg potato printing you will need:

  • Potato
  • Knife
  • Paint
  • Paper

I like to use the potatoes that are slightly squish and slightly off.  That way I don’t feel too awful about using a new potato.  Cut the potato in half and cut out your design.  I went with very simple designs.

easter egg potato printing

Normally I put some paint onto a plate and let them go wild with it.  That does, however, normally end up in just one big mess of brown paint.  This time, we used a brush to paint the potatoes.  It kept the colours slightly cleaner, but it did allow for a marbling effect.

easter egg potato printing

BB loved to print his potatoes.  He even turned some of his prints into letters like C and O.

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easter egg potato printing - Easter craft for kids