This was actually our Easter Egg hunt from last year, but it was done last minute that I didn’t get a chance to post it in time. Last Easter my charges had their cousins come to stay and we set up a little Easter egg puzzle hunt for them to make their Easter egg hunt slightly more challenging.

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You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Paint
  • Pens
  • Plastic eggs
  • Sharp craft knife
  • Jigsaw pieces

On one side of the cardboard draw out your jigsaw template. I used one of YC’s 20 piece jigsaws as a template.

Cut out the side lines so that you are left with a rectangle. Don’t cut out the individual pieces yet.

Turn your rectangle over and paint it with your base colour.

When that has dried, decorate it and add your final clue to the Easter Egg hunt.

Next cut up your cardboard into the jigsaw pieces.

Fill those fillable plastic eggs (available from most supermarkets) with your jigsaw pieces and hide them around your garden or house.

Once your little ones have found all the eggs, they have to assemble the jigsaw to get their final clue. Just don’t forget to hide their actually Easter eggs as well.

I wasn’t with my charges for their hunt but I heard that it was a great success.  They certainly had lots of Easter eggs when I came back to work the following week!

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Easter egg puzzle hunt. Make their Easter egg hunt slightly more challenging with this puzzle they have to find and solve first.