Every year I make a garden of Gethsemane for Good Friday.  I try to get my charge’s involved, but it is not always successful.  This year, I have done it a little differently.  Rather than me making it for them, I set up an Easter Garden loose parts tray for them to create their own from.  Well, it certainly worked, and now we have a fabulous one designed by BB ready for Easter Sunday.

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To make your own Easter Garden Loose Parts Tray you will need:

  • 2 trays (one to put the loose parts in, and one to build the Easter Garden in)
  • Flowers
  • Felt
  • Building bricks
  • Rocks
  • Mini eggs
  • Piece of white cloth*
  • Figures
  • Little chicks
  • Sticks

*A tissue works wonderfully for the shroud that Jesus was wrapped in.

If you don’t have the items on the list, then just use what you have at home.  There is no right or wrong for loose parts.  The whole point is that the child uses them how they see fit, without being told how to play with them.

I simply made up the Easter Garden loose parts tray before they came down for breakfast and left it on the table for them to do as they pleased.

easter garden loose parts tray

The only thing I told BB about was the story of Easter and the meaning behind it.  Then I left it up to him to make his own.  If you wanted to follow a more religious one, then perhaps add a couple of small crosses that they can add it they want to.

Easter garden loose parts tray

Don’t forget, if you make a tomb with the white cloth inside, you will need to roll the stone away on Easter Sunday.

If you enjoyed doing this Easter Garden loose parts tray, be sure to check out my Easter Garden post.

Happy Easter.

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Easter Garden Loose Parts Tray