YC really enjoys doing little sewing projects, so it is fun to come up with new ones for her to try.  This little simple sewing Easter treat pouch.  They don’t take too long to make and make a sweet hand out to friends and family for Easter.

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To make your own Easter treat pouch you will need:

  • Different colour felt.
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric pens (optional)

Start by making some templates for your egg and bunny on the paper.  This way you don’t waste any felt if you go wrong with your design.

easter treat pouch

Trace around your templates on your felt and cut the design out.  You will need two bunny cut outs.

easter treat pouch

On the front of the bunny, you could either use fabric pens to draw on the face, or you can use a backstitch to sew it on.  If you plan to add some pink parts to the ears and stomach you can either sew these on.  In which case do this part first.  If you plan to glue them on, then you can do it last.

Sew your bunny up.  I used a blanket stitch for mine, but a simple backstitch would also work.  Don’t forget to leave an opening at the bottom to add the stuffing.  I used the cut off bits of felt for this.  Cotton wool or tissue works just as well.  When it is full enough close the hole.

Next sew the egg together.  Again, I used a blanket stitch.  But a running stitch or back stitch would suffice.

Finally decorate the front of the egg.  This part is best done with fabric glue.

Now that you little Easter treat pouch is ready you can fill it up with a few treats.

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Easter treat pouch: Simple sewing project for children.