I still remember learning how to cross stitch at school; I was in Year 3 and it was part of our summer term art project. My year felt very grown up being able to go and sit around our school playing grounds being able to do this while all the other children had to sit in their classrooms. I also remember there was always one person who managed to sew it to their clothes and there was the child who would stick the needle all the way through the top layer of skin (which still both impresses and grosses me out).

Over the past few months I have slowly been introducing EC and YC to sewing, first we started out with picture weaving then weaving with wool and now they are ready to move onto cross stitch. We have been doing it while we are on holiday as something to do while we escape the midday sun, which also helps us slowly relax and chill before we head out for a fun filled afternoon. They have both taken to it really well and have been eager to try out different types of stitches.

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You will need:

  • Thread*
  • Aida fabric – available on amazon.co.uk or from hobby craft
  • Needle

* we used embroidery thread as it is thicker

Cut your fabric to your desired size and tape around the outside; this helps to stop the fabric from fraying while you are sewing.


We used a few basic stitches:

  • a running stitch
  • a cross stitch
  • a diagonal stitch
  • and a zig zag stitch

When you have finished take off the tape and if necessary iron the coaster to make it flat.

YC’s now sits in her bedroom for her drinks to go on.

Of course you don’t have to make a coaster; EC decided he was going to make his into a bookmark.


Pin for later:

easy cross stitched coaster; perfect for children who are learning to do simple cross stitch patterns.