Zainab is one of My Baba’s popular guest bloggers, and we’re so excited to announce news of the September launch of her new book, ‘Easy Indian SuperMeals‘, available for pre-order at Amazon.

My children love her recipes, and this book contains some of Zainab’s old classics, together with many new ideas. This book is jam-packed full of recipes for babies, toddles and indeed, the entire family. My favourites so far have to be the Mixed Veggies in Coconut, Banana Berry Raita and Mum’s Lamb Curry with Sweet Potato.

For more delicious recipes by Zainab, check out her My Baba profile page.


About The Author

Zainab Jagot Ahmed is a first-time mum and author of the UK's first Indian baby food cookbook, ‘Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook'. Prior to becoming a mummy, Zainab worked in marketing for almost 10 years in the fashion, entertainment and retail industries. However, after the birth of her daughter felt inspired to turn her attention to cooking delicious, nutritious home-made baby food. As she began the weaning process, she was keen to introduce Asian flavours early to both broaden her daughter's palate, and to introduce her to her culinary heritage. However, unable to find any baby and toddler cookbooks with Asian or Asian influenced recipes, was inspired to invent her own recipes. Soon friends were asking for them too. After a year spent researching spices, dietary recommendations and various superfoods, Zainab decided to put her research and recipes to good use by writing her own Indian baby food cookbook, giving everyone the chance to try them at home.

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