Since Christmas BB has been interested in learning how to sew.  I have an old threading animals busy bag that he likes to use, but I thought it was time to make some new ones that are more versatile easy sewing pictures.

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To make your own easy sewing pictures you will need:

  • Plastic aida boards (available on amazon)
  • Permanent pen
  • Tapestry needle
  • Wool

On a piece of plastic aida draw a simple picture for your little one to sew around.  You could alternatively use a piece of plain fabric.  The good thing about the aida boards is they are rigid, making it slightly easier for smaller hands to deal with.

Cut a long length of wool and thread it onto the tapestry needle (make sure that the needle actually fits through the holes on the aida).

easy sewing pictures

Then let your little one experiment with sewing around the picture you have drawn.  Don’t correct them if they get it wrong, just let them experiment.  As they get older, they can use these to try out cross-stitching and embroidery stitches.  The other great thing about using these is they are totally reusable.  When they are done, you can unstitch it easily.

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easy sewing pictures for kids to learn how to sew