I am not totally sure what to call this particular craft, so I am going with paper spiral decorations. Not very exciting, but descriptive. I didn’t make these with my charges, instead I made them by myself to decorate the playroom with. They may look rather complicated, but they aren’t. They are relatively quick to make and look fantastic when hanging up. So if you need a last minute craft to keep little ones entertained, or just need a few more decorations look no further.

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To make these paper spiral decorations you will need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String

Paper spiral decorations

If you have an A4 piece of paper turn it into a square. Start by folding it in half.

Paper spiral decorations

Then fold it in half again.

Paper spiral decorations

Next you have to cut slits up. You have to make sure you cut up the right way or it just wont work. I ruined about 3 of them this way. You need to make the main fold at the top, the side with the 2 folds to the left (bottom), and the completely open side to the right.

Paper spiral decorations

Now cut up from the bottom to almost the main fold.

Paper spiral decorations

Carefully open it up.

Paper spiral decorations

Starting at the centre, fold the 2 middle pieces together and glue them.

Paper spiral decorations

You then want to repeat that step with every other triangle (for want of a better word).

Paper spiral decorations

When you have finished one side, turn it over and do the same on that side.

Paper spiral decorations

Finally attach the string at the top.

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Thank you all for your support this year! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Easy to make paper spiral decorations.

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