My wonderful friend Zita has done it again! This time in a form of a cookery book, which not only combines tips and recipes, but it explains the chemistry for baby making through nutrition.

Eat Yourself Pregnant is a great read. Each recipe has been designed to help with digestive health, blood sugar balance, hormonal health, acid / alkaline balance, and to create a healthy immune system. It’s filled with the key ingredients to create “the perfect environment” to conceive.

Zita says “This book is not about faddy diets or restrictions, but about putting vital nutrients back into your body, in a delicious, healthy way”

I’ve been rustling up recipes from each chapter and although I’m not trying to conceive, I’m totally hooked.

My top favourites have to be the ‘stress busting mocha’, ‘super berry chia pudding’, ‘sicilian quinoa bowl’ and ‘mixed seed crackers’, but my husband’s put his foot down to the ‘fertility pizza’… For now! This book is a must for all mamas getting ready for pregnancy, or indeed for all women full stop.

Eat Yourself Pregnant is available to preorder now on Amazon. Get ordering! 

Zita West’s Eat Yourself Pregnant

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