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Dive Into Sustainable Playtime With Educational Toy Ranges From Edx Education

Edx Education’s educational toy ranges are designed to captivate young minds and inspire a lifelong love of learning through the magic of play! The extensive collections include early years maths manipulatives and home learning kits, construction toys, sensory play products, water and sand collections, and active play ranges, to give kids a head start at school.

There are plenty of options for parents looking for sustainable educational toy ranges too.  Edx Education’s eco ranges aren’t just about play, they are a celebration of creativity, learning, and environmental responsibility. Transform playtime into an eco-friendly adventure with their thoughtfully designed toys that inspire young minds to care for the planet! Dive in and let the sustainable play begin…

Edx Education’s educational toy ranges:


Green-n-Play® Sand Play Set

The perfect sand play set for the beach, home, or even the sandpit in your local park, the bumper 48-piece set offers hours of sandcastle building fun for kids – the versatile set can even be used for water activities too!  Made from the highest quality recycled plastic built for years of play, the set comes in delightful scandi-inspired pastel shades to suit the most style-conscious of homes.

Using the various buckets and moulds to construct buildings, battlements and turrets, kids’ imaginations can run wild creating artistic sandcastle designs.  Plenty of moulds, sieves, rakes and shovels are included in the kit, and you can even aid maths learning with the number and symbol moulds too! – £54.95


Green-n-Play® Desk- Top Water Trays

Edx Education’s 4-piece water tray set provides endless opportunities for sensory play and experimentation, offering children a great way to safely play and explore with different materials such as water, sand, paint, jelly, or any messy play mixture of your choice.  Kids can have lots of fun mixing different materials together, experimenting with colour mixing, or even make a special potion!

Made from robust recycled plastic in four pastel hues, the stackable trays are easily stored away when not in use.  The trays can be used indoors or outdoors, on a table, on the floor, or with Edx Education’s Desk Top Water Tray Stand. – £89.95


Green-n-Learn® Sensory Tangram Classroom Set

Edx Education takes puzzle play to the next level with the Green-n-Learn® Sensory Tangram Classroom Set.  Made from recycled plastic, this colourful and eco-friendly puzzle set not only challenges young minds but also introduces them to the beauty of sustainable materials. Say goodbye to ordinary puzzles and hello to a greener, more playful learning experience!

The set includes 35 tangram pieces in five colours, featuring different tactile surfaces for a sensory play experience.  There are 15 easy-to-follow activity cards in each set, with additional free activities online, so children can explore and develop important problem-solving skills as they play and learn with the tangrams, while also improving their fine motor skills. – £18.95


Green-n-Learn® Whales Story Counters Set

Edx Education’s Whales Story Counters Set takes children on an important educational journey about the effects of single-use plastics on our ocean’s ecosystem for a more sustainable and planet-friendly future.  Made from recycled plastics and FSC certified paper and packaging, the set includes 36 whale counters and a picture book which follows the life of whales in our oceans.

The whale counters come in two sizes and four colours, so they can be used as a visual aid to understand fundamental maths operations, such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication, making maths a fun and interactive journey.  The whales can also be used imaginative play, and for balance challenge activities, aiding fine motor skill development!- £16.95


Eco-Friendly Tactile Shells

Edx Education’s Eco-Friendly Tactile Shells bring the wonders of the sea to your child’s fingertips.  Made from FPC derived from rice husks and stems, the shells come in three different sizes, with a smooth underside and six different textured tops making them ideal for sensory play activities.  They can be used with playdough and are a wonderful toy for exploring touch sensations and maths sorting activities.  Language skills can also be improved as children describe the tactile feel of the textures, as they dip into the cloth bag and try and match the different shells according to sizes and textures. – £23.99


Eco-Friendly Junior Rainbow Pebbles®

Edx Education’s FPC Eco-Friendly Junior Rainbow Pebbles activity set includes a range of tactile stacking pebbles in various shapes, sizes and colours, which can be used to teach little ones how to sort, stack, make patterns, identify colours and create pictures, offering endless open-ended play options.  The set also includes eight double-sided activity cards to keep kids engaged for hours, as they hone their observation skills to match the pebbles to the shapes in the pictures. – £27.99

Visit to shop the full Edx Education range and download free play activities and advice!

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