I met the amazing Gia de Picciotto last week, who has launched The Edible Garden London Project, for independent schools in London. It’s based on the Berkeley California project, which serves state funded schools. The difference being, this is for independent schools in London.

South Bank Internatinoal School in Kensington was the first to jump on the band wagon, and has redesigned some of their existing outdoor area to include vegetable and herb beds, fruit trees, strawberries and even a wildlife garden. The project is aimed to engage the whole school, and it includes designing, planting and then tastings.

Food education is back on the curriculum, and Gia says London independent schools have an opporunity to be at the forefront of a national movement and I quite agree. What an inspiring woman.

The Edible Garden London program for Independent Schools is simple to implement.  Please contact Gia de Picciotto if you’d like to get up and running in your school.  gia@deppi.net  or 07870574426. T: @EdibleSchool


drawing fruit