I won’t actually be around for Easter this year, I will be in Walt Disney World (yay), so I needed to do EC’s and YC’s Easter eggs sooner rather than later. For me, Easter is the most important day in my religion and not at all about the chocolate. Plus as they get a ton of big eggs for Easter I thought I would opt for a little handmade token instead. After a little thinking, I made them all egg carton chicks filled with mini eggs.

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You will need:

  • Egg carton
  • Sharp scissors
  • Yellow paint
  • Yellow/orange paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Tape
  • Glue

For this you will only need the part of the egg carton which holds the eggs. I did try using the lid for this as well but it didn’t really work out.

egg carton chicks

Yes, I like to do a lot of my work on the floor!

Cut out two of the egg holders. They don’t need to stay attached.

egg carton chicks

Trim the outer part of the egg holders to remove any excess parts.

Next paint them and leave them to dry.

While they are drying cut out a beak and a couple of wings from the paper. With one of my egg carton chicks I ended up with a rather large hole at the front. Instead of throwing that particular one away I turned into a triangular shaped hole for the beak.

egg carton chicks

When the paint has dried tape the two together on one side to make a hinge.

Finally add your beak, wings, and a face to your egg carton chick.

Now that your egg carton chick is all ready you can fill it up with some Easter treats.

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Pin for later:

Turn some old egg cartons into a couple of sweet egg carton chicks. A fun Easter craft, plus they make a great gift to hide a few mini eggs in.