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Do I Really Need An Electric Breast Pump? Plus, Electric vs Manual Pumps 

An electric breast pump can be a game-changer in helping to feed your baby. But, with endless gadgets for new parents, it’s tricky to know what you’re going to need and what you can happily live without. So, what about a breast pump? Is it worth it? The truth is, it depends. If you’re going to be available to nurse your baby all the time during the first six months, a breast pump may not be necessary. However, in reality, if you’ll be away from your little one sometimes, it’s worth considering a pump to express milk for when you’re not around. 

Do I need a breast pump? 

A couple of situations where a breast pump may come in useful are if you need to:

  • Return to work. Reality will hit at some point and returning to work can take planning. 
  • Take some time for yourself. Being a new parent is full-on and a little time out can help you go back to parenting fully restored. 
  • Let other family members feed the baby. Feeding time is an important bonding experience and can be a great opportunity for your partner or family to help out with the baby. 
  • Maintaining your milk supply. Using a breast pump is a good way to stimulate your milk supply and it signals to your brain that you need to produce more milk. 
  • Providing milk for multiple children. With multiple mouths to feed, pumping can offer relief from breastfeeding and take the stress out of not having enough milk. 
  • Having an emergency supply on-hand just in case. You never know what can happen sometimes, so having an emergency supply is always beneficial. 

What is the difference between manual and electric breast pumps?

The key difference is that the electric breast pump does the work for you and allows you to express faster. While a manual pump allows you to set the pace, it can be tricky to maintain a rhythm. An electric pump lets you express milk at a preset pace. 


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What types of electric breast pump are available? 

Choose between a mains-operated or battery-powered breast pump. The obvious advantage of battery is that you’ll be able to use it on-the-go. You can also opt for a rechargeable battery, like the Elvie Pump that charges via a handy micro USB. 

Electric pumps come in double or single pump options. It’s down to personal choice whether you’d like to express one at a time or both together. 

Electric breast pumps also vary in features and some offer much more than others. For example, the Elvie Pump (a favourite of ours!) offers adjustable suction levels and settings to mimic your baby’s pattern and pump tracking connected to an app. Pretty smart, right?

What are the benefits of an electric breast pump? 

If you’re needing to express daily or more than once a week, an electric pump can be hugely beneficial. Here are a couple of things we noted when road-testing the Elvie Pump:

  • Faster than hand pumping and easy to work out your rhythm 
  • Hands-free giving you the chance to get on with whatever you’re doing 
  • Offers extra stimulation which can boost milk production
  • Battery-operated so you can move around while it’s pumping 
  • Easy to attach and go 
  • Practical for everyday use 

Are there any downsides to an electric breast pump?

A downside of the electric pump is that they are more expensive than manual ones. However, we feel it’s worth the price tag if you’re using it frequently. 

Some electric breast pumps can be bulky and heavy, making them not convenient for moving around. However, there are lightweight options on the market now solving this problem, like the Elvie Pump. 

How do I choose the right electric breast pump?

You need to find the best pump to suit your needs. It’s going to come down to a couple of factors: 

  • Cost – We know it all adds up when you’re shopping for a new baby, so it’s important to factor the price of  pump into your budget. 
  • Weight – If you’re on-the-go often and want something travel-friendly, a lightweight pump is going to be the best option. 
  • Suction and intensity modes – If you’re new to breastfeeding, selecting a pump with multiple options is a good idea, so you can learn what is right for you. For example, The Elvie Pump has 2 modes and 14 intensity settings. 
  • Battery – Ensure you know what you’re getting in terms of charging options or if you’re going to need to stock up on batteries. 
  • Noise – If you’re looking for something discreet, noisiness is something to factor in. The Elvie Pump is quiet by design. 

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