One of my best friends was given a miniature Land Rover with a full roll bar for her 6th birthday and I remember being green with jealousy. I had just started to read Sweet Valley Twins at the time, so this was literally something from my wildest dreams. I remember begging my parents for hours on end with no joy. ‘You’ll have a car when you’re 17′, my father replied, but that was years away and seemed like a lifetime!

Electric cars for children are obviously a lot more common these days and you see them all over the place, but out of principle my children don’t have one, but that doesn’t stop them spending hours on them at friend’s houses! I did a post a few years ago on the Range Rover Sport for Kids, and it’s still a review that receives a lot of interest, so we decided to look into what else is out there when it comes to the kids’ electric car market. They’re so realistic it’s scary, there should be a Top Gear episode dedicated especially to these bad boy toys. If I had my time again, I think I would have tried even harder to persuade my parents!

Kids Electric Bentley Continental GT

Range Rover Sport Twin

BMW i8 Series from Electric Cars for Kids

Lamborghini Aventador Ride-on-car with Remote


BMW X5 Ride On

Ferrari Ride-On Electric Car

Bugatti Veyron

Mercedes G55 AMG SUV

Ford Ranger from Electric Kidscars

Audi A3 from Electric Kidscars