I’m a woman in my early thirties, and while I’m not in a position to start a family at the moment, I’m hoping to be lucky enough to have one in the not too distant future. Working at My Baba I’m discovering that there are so many unanswered questions surrounding pregnancy and parenting. It’s a world unknown!

I’m looking forward to having a family but I’m also aware that not everyone is lucky enough to be able to, and it shouldn’t be something that’s taken for granted.

My Baba is going to address issues relevant to women before pregnancy and motherhood as well as during and after, so no matter what stage you’re at, you’ll find the blog a one-stop-shop for advice and information.

I’m at the very beginning of one of the most important journeys a woman can make. I feel both excited and privileged to be at the very heart of My Baba, a website that will bring mothers and mothers-to-be together, so that between us we can benefit from the best tips, advice and support.

Welcome to My Baba.