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Why I’m Wearing The Elvie Breast Pump… Right Now

Opening the Elvie Pump is a treat in itself. It’s packaged beautifully and you feel as though you’ve bought yourself a fancy Apple product rather than a breast pump. Who gets excited about those? Not me! Well, usually… but on this occasion I have to make an exception!

Unboxing the Elvie

On unboxing the Elvie Pump its contents look unrecognisable in terms of what you might expect from your traditional pump. There are no complicated wires or torturous looking funnels to attach to freaky looking bras. My nipples breathed an instant sigh of relief. Phew!

The box includes the pump, two-pack of pump bottles, one 24mm breast shield and one 28mm breast shield together with all the other bits and bobs you need to get cracking.

I discovered I needed a small size pump shield, having fairly petite boobies and Elvie were really helpful in getting those parts sent to me as quickly as they could so my pumping wasn’t affected or interrupted. (Really great customer service!)

Assembling the pump

The pump and its parts are super-easy to assemble and pull apart for sterilising. I managed to figure it out without having to YouTube it or refer to the instructions – a first for me!

Wearing the Elvie Pump

I found the pump easy to slip into my nursing bra without having to unclip any bra straps. It sits easily on the nipple, and the buttons to activate the pump are visible and convenient to reach in situ.

Colostrum harvesting

I first used the Elvie Pump the week before my baby had even arrived to kick-start my colostrum at 38 weeks pregnant. I was instantly impressed with the pump. I had spent week 37 using my hands in a vain attempt to colostrum harvest – only managing to get three tiny drops out.

I used the pump on three separate occasions and filled up two syringes. Admittedly I spent the following three nights that followed my short pumping session with severe Brixton Hicks but it was worth it. Having gestational diabetes meant it was really important for my baby to have a little supply ready and waiting. Colostrum is the best response to any sugar problems that present in newborn babies.

Consult your midwife

I would advise you to consult your midwife or health practitioner on when to start pumping – not everybody is advised to begin before the baby is born, but in my circumstance, the pump worked really effectively for me in being prepared ahead of time.

The pump in action…

A week or two after baby had arrived, I first trialled the pump on a trip out. I wore it in my bra under a denim shirt and headed out for an early dinner at the pub.

There I was, multi-tasking like a pro mama on a Friday evening, eating fish and chips while chasing my toddler around the restaurant, checking on my newborn and trying to make conversation with my husband – all on around two hours sleep from the previous night, AND while pumping. The pump stayed firmly in my bra, no leakages, no fuss.

It’s true that anybody closely looking at my boobs would notice one slightly bigger than the other with the pump attached to my chest, but that’s what long hair is for! Or you can buy the double and enjoy the appearance of two large perky boobs!

The pump’s purr…

It’s true what Elvie are claiming – this pump is seriously quiet. The haunting grunt and grind of the traditional hospital grade pumps were absolutely nowhere to be heard. Was it even on and working? I did have to check, but yes, it was!

Flexibility and ease

While writing this review I’m sad to say I’m currently stuck in hospital on the children’s ward – as my newborn has been very poorly with a UTI and secondary blood infection. It’s our eighth night’s stay, and trips back and forth to the hospital have interrupted feeding and pumping, I was initially very worried about maintaining my supply. The Elvie has made the entire rigmarole so much easier, which has been crucial for my baby – breast milk is so important for little ones, especially those being given antibiotics. His silent reflux and tongue tie (yep – what an unlucky baba!) also means he’s not a happy baba at the breast, so being able to express breastmilk has been really vital.

The app

The only downside of the pump that I could find before I realised the app solved this problem entirely, is that you can’t physically see the milk collecting. That’s why the app is so handy – it offers live milk monitoring and a viewable pump history.

The app even offers a remote control, so you don’t have to delve into your bra to switch the settings, perfect for public pumping, NOBODY WILL KNOW!! Genius.

My conclusion of the Elvie pump

This piece of kit makes pumping an easy part of your day-to-day routine. My milk supply was poor with my first, and trying to pump every two hours to keep up supply was impossible. I have horrible memories of panicking and mostly failing to make time to assign myself to the sofa, hold two funnels over my boobs and sit there for half an hour while minimal milk collected. I’d have no spare hand to drink water (always thirsty while breastfeeding!) or itch my nose, let alone be mobile enough to do the housework or cook a dinner for my toddler.

The Elvie breast pump is a genius product for us working mums, whether you’re having to go back to work, or are busy with other children, keeping the house or just life in general. You can do it all with Elvie while keeping your gold top following flawlessly.


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