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Emma Bunton On Protecting The Planet, Kit & Kin And The 25th Anniversary Spice Girls Reunion

It was a huge pleasure to catch up with our favourite Spice Girl, Emma Bunton. As co-founder of sustainable baby brand Kit & Kin, a radio host at Heart FM, a bestselling author and mum of two, she’s certainly busy! Emma shares the latest news from her work (including the Spice Girls’ anniversary) as well as an insight into her daily routine and family life. Who does the cooking? What does a perfect weekend look like? Read on to discover a day in her life.

Kit & Kin, Spice Girls and Heart FM. We’re in awe of how much you’re juggling. What’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me is very busy and often a little chaotic which I think is the same for anyone with kids!

My alarm goes off at 7.10 every morning, and I’m definitely more of a night owl so it takes me a little while to get going! Once I’ve had my cup of tea though I’m ready for the day. I always enjoy breakfast, we normally have dippy eggs or sometimes waffles with fruit if we’re feeling fancy. It’s also an opportunity to have a bit of a sing and dance to our favourite playlists which always puts you in a good mood for the day ahead! If a Spice Girls track comes on we turn it right up of course! Then it’s getting dressed and out the door – hopefully without the kids forgetting anything.

After the school run…

Once I’m back from dropping them off at school, I do an Instagram live workout every morning with some good friends which is intense but makes me feel great afterwards. After that it’s down to work – I usually start with catching up on emails for my eco baby brand Kit & Kin.

Tell us what’s happening at Kit & Kin?

It’s a really exciting time for us as a business, we’re growing quickly and there’s a lot going on. I find it so rewarding knowing that we’re helping to protect our planet while making amazing products that parents and little ones love!

Most of my Kit & Kin work can be done remotely unless it’s a photoshoot or event. We recently did one for our new nappies and wipes packaging – we’ve made some amazing improvements to the products over the last year and they really are the best on the market. The work is really varied – one day I’ll be at a photoshoot for a new product, the next at a meeting about our subscription service (nappies & wipes delivered monthly to your door, how great is that?!) I wish this had been around when my kids were tiny, it would have made a world of difference.

Our nappies are actually the most accredited eco nappies on the planet and are made in a carbon-neutral plant which is fantastic! They’ve also won a bunch of awards recently, including Loved By Parents Best Premium Nappy Range. Knowing that families love using our products makes all the hard work so worth it.


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How well do you plan your working day and what are the different jobs that take up most of your time in a typical day?

I’ll always start with emails, see what the day ahead looks like and plan from there. Sometimes there are big things on which will take up the whole day, but other times it’ll be a real mix – anything from filming and posting some Instagram stories for Kit & Kin, to writing chapters of my book Mama You Got This which is now out! Also, if anyone I know is having a baby I’ll always make sure to send them one of our Kit & Kin hospital bag starter packs – they have all the essentials for those early days and the babywear is unbelievably soft and gorgeously stylish. I’m obsessed with the bunny hats!

I usually need to do some preparation for my weekly Sunday evening show on Heart FM, which I can also record at home, so that’s been a big help during the pandemic. I absolutely love doing the radio show, it’s a big part of my life. And of course, Spice Girls catch-ups and plans. It’s been amazing to see all the celebrations around our 25th anniversary. The giant billboard that Spotify rolled out in Times Square NYC made us really smile!

For lunch, Jade normally takes charge, he is an amazing cook and makes delicious, healthy food. I’m very lucky to have him as cooking really is not my strong point! Later on, once the kids are back from school it’s homework time. Jade and I tend to split this and I’ll help with the more creative subjects while he looks after Maths and Science.

In the evening we all love a cosy night in on the sofa; sometimes you can’t beat a takeaway and your favourite telly! I normally go to bed at about midnight, sleep like a log and then it’s time to do it all again!

What are your favourite things to do at the weekend?

Weekends are all about family time to me – we’re often so busy and running around during the week that it’s lovely to just relax and enjoy spending quality time with each other. We love going for long walks and also exploring London – something like a day out at a museum followed by dinner is perfect.

We’re dying to know the latest Spice Girls gossip, please spill!

We’ve got some very exciting things in store! I can’t say much just yet but it’s our 25th anniversary so it feels like such a milestone and very fitting to celebrate it properly.

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