These take their inspiration from Beast’s enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast, but they make a great gift for Valentine’s Day.  I used to make these when I worked for Disney Cruise Lines.  The children in the kids clubs absolutely loved making them.

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You will need:

Depending on how big the plastic cups are you might want to do a smaller rose, if so, fold your pipe cleaner in half and cut it.


For the leaf, fold the pipe cleaner in half and then about an inch down from the fold pinch the pipe cleaner and twist it round so it makes a leaf shape. Then unfold the pipe cleaner so it makes a stem with a leaf.

Taking your tissue paper poke the end of your pipe cleaner through the middle of it.  You can add as many layers as you like.


When you have enough layers slightly fold them in on them selves so that you create that flower shape. Your flower in now complete.


Take those 2 plastic cups and in one of them pour the glitter. You can also add a couple of cut-out petals to this as well to create the idea that the enchanted rose is losing its petals.


Place the rose into this cup and then put the second cup on top to seal it in.


Stick the tape along the joining rims of the cups to keep them together. Shake the container to disperse the glitter and voilà you have your very own enchanted rose.


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