I haven’t tried any of the FittaMamma range, but I have big boobs and would have loved to have worn these when I was pregnant.

The FittaMamma range was conceived to meet the needs of women who want to stay fit and active during their pregnancy – but the clothes are so comfortable and supportive that more and more mums-to-be are discovering their value as an essential part of their everyday wardrobe.

FittaMamma say:  ‘We wanted to create clothes that provide positive support for bump,  back and boobs, lifting the weight in much the same way a sports bra lifts and holds.  The original idea was to make a range for pregnant women to wear for exercise but we’ve discovered a real need amongst expectant mums to find clothes that ease the weight of the bump and make everyday life more comfortable.’

The current FittaMamma range offers a unique level of support for pregnant women that will last after you’ve had your baby too – they are seriously good news if you’ve had a C-section!

Best of all the range doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality – it looks fantastic and comes in an attractive and useful range of colours.  Sling on a jacket and a chunky necklace and you could easily wear the tops to work – or wear the leggings under a dress or a long top to enjoy the extra comfort and still looking fantastic.

So how does it work?

The FittaMamma ‘High Support’ top features a unique back panel that spreads the weight onto your back and shoulders where you are naturally stronger,  easing the weight of the bump.   In addition the wide, firm waistband sits neatly around your hips and pelvis, providing additional support and helping combat the discomfort of pregnancy-loosened joints.

The Mamma Support top is ruched to fit around your bump and offers positive but more gentle support for moderate impact activities.  FittaMamma also make a longer length ‘Pregnancy Yoga’  vest top that is ideal for stretching out during yoga, Pilates or everyday wear.  It’s designed to work throughout your pregnancy without riding up when you stretch out or leaving an uncomfortable breeze gap at the bottom of your bump.

Leggings come in different lengths (full length, three quarter length Capris and shorts) but all come with an extra wide and stretchy waist panel that will hold your tummy secure as well.

The clothes are created in soft, natural fabrics that contain ‘CoolDry’ moisture management technology to help keep you fresh during any activity, again a bonus for pregnant women who often find their core body temperature rises.  Super-stretchy elastane content means the FittaWear tops  expand as your bump gets bigger, continuing to look good throughout your pregnancy and regaining their shape so you can wear them after your baby is born too.

And if you do decide to keep the clothes just for exercise, looking good whilst you work out is a great motivator!

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