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Essential Items For Your Baby Hospital Bag: Expert Tips By Izabela Minkiewicz, Owner Of Blue Almonds

Many parents approach Blue Almonds with the question, “What do I need to pack for my baby in the hospital bag?” In this feature, Blue Almonds guides parents through the process of packing a baby hospital bag, highlighting exactly what is needed for that momentous occasion.

Essential Items For Your Baby Hospital Bag

Blanket & Shawl Cosy

Layers that can be easily added and removed without disturbing baby are a must. Cotton blankets are great for summer and many come with matching babygrows, hats and bibs. The wool blankets from Blue Almonds are lovely in the winter and their cashmere blankets are super soft and luxurious while being versatile and breathable for all weather conditions.


Hooded Towel & Mitt

There’s nothing better than nice, warm snuggles after a bath. Using a hooded towel and cleaning mitt can make the process of washing and drying your baby a breeze, ensuring they stay cosy and comfortable.


Muslins & Swaddles

You’ll be amazed at just how many muslins you’ll find yourself using. Blue Almonds offers multi-packs in a wide variety of designs, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Additionally, swaddles are incredibly versatile—they can be used to create a cosy, breathable wrap for your baby, and they can serve the same purposes as muslins. Their versatility makes them an essential item in any parent’s toolkit.


Toiletries & Hairbrush

Baby skincare essentials such as nappy cream and top to toe wash help keep baby’s skin clean and soft from the get-go. Blue Almonds also recommends a super soft baby hairbrush for the all-important first photos and don’t forget a vanity case to keep them in!



A selection of babygrows is essential for your baby hospital bag. Fortunately, Blue Almonds offers an extensive range of designs to choose from, each with coordinating blankets, hats, and bibs. This makes it easy to create a beautifully coordinated look for your baby, ensuring they are not only comfortable but also stylish. Whether you prefer classic patterns or modern prints, Blue Almonds has something to suit every taste and need.


Baby Hats

A baby hat is essential for keeping a newborn’s head warm and protected during those precious first few months. It helps regulate their body temperature and provides an extra layer of comfort. At Blue Almonds, many of the baby hats are designed to coordinate perfectly with matching babygrows, blankets, and bibs.


Baby Scratch Mitts

Newborns often have sharp little nails and can accidentally scratch themselves, so a pair of scratch mitts will help prevent this from happening. At Blue Almonds they have some great patterns and colours which co-ordinate with babygrows and outfits.


Baby Booties & Socks

Covering a newborn baby’s extremities with socks and/or booties is crucial for maintaining warmth, cosiness, and a sense of security. By keeping their tiny feet snug, you’re ensuring they stay comfortable and protected from the cold. Additionally, adorning them with socks or booties in adorable designs adds an extra touch of cuteness to their outfits.

Going home outfit

Going home from the hospital for the first time with your newborn is a significant milestone in every parent’s journey.

Many parents cherish this occasion and want to make it even more memorable by dressing their baby in a smart and co-ordinating outfit.

This carefully chosen ensemble not only marks the transition from hospital to home but also symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter in the family’s life. It’s a moment captured in photographs and cherished in memories for years to come.

First Baby Toy

Many newborns find comfort in holding something soft in their hand, especially if it carries the familiar scent of their parents. This simple act can provide immense reassurance and a sense of security in their new and unfamiliar surroundings. A soft baby soother is an ideal first toy to include in your hospital bag, offering your little one both physical and emotional comfort.

Nappies & Nappy Bag

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need to pack some nappies and a nappy bag to contain all the essentials mentioned above. Newborns require frequent changes to stay comfortable and clean. Ensuring you have an adequate supply of nappies in your hospital bag will help you handle these changes smoothly without any stress.

By packing nappies and a well-equipped nappy bag, you ensure that you’re fully prepared for your baby’s arrival and the early days of parenthood, making those first experiences smoother and more enjoyable for both you and your little one.

About Blue Almonds

For over 15 years, Blue Almonds has been a staple in Chelsea’s Walton Street, a destination for parents-to-be and gift-givers shopping for highly curated and special pieces for babies and toddlers.

Founded by mother of two Izabela Minkiewicz, Blue Almonds’ enduring appeal comes from Izabela’s keen eye and tasteful edit. All the items are sourced personally by Izabela and include everything from nursery essentials to décor, and baby clothes to personalised gifts, with exclusive collections from brands including Madeleine Thompson and Kissy Kissy. Everything is presented in Blue Almonds’ beautifully appointed boutique.

For over 14 years, the store was located at 164 Walton Street, before relocating next door to 166 Walton Street in 2023 to an even bigger and better location. The new-look store is spread across three floors and includes a consultation room for bespoke orders, inspirational room set-ups and kids play area.

A destination for the local community, Blue Almonds hosts regular events in-store to provide advice and support for parents.

The majority of the staff are women and many of the brands carried by Blue Almonds are artisan female-owned businesses.

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