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Recommended Products You’ll Want To Use After Having A Caesarean Section

I had to have a Caesarean section with my last baby and having had two natural births, there was quite a bit to learn. I did a lot of research on pre and post op and there are literally thousands of C-section products on the market. Some people swore by scar creams and oils, whereas others couldn’t live without the belly belt – something that I didn’t actually use. In no particular order, here are my recommended products.

C-section products for your hospital bag and beyond

It’s worth considering what you might need to pack in your hospital bag if there’s a chance you will have a C-section. High rise granny pants that sit well over the scar are an absolute must, and button-down nighties are also essential  (and brilliant for breastfeeding). The wound itself is actually covered for a good few days, but for a while after you won’t want anything sitting on the scar area.

Organic Peppermint Tea, Heath & Heather

High Rise Full Briefs, Marks & Spencer



Hospital Tincture, Ainsworths

The one C-section product I began taking on the day I went into hospital was the Ainsworths Hospital Tincture. If you’re into homoeopathy, it’s well worth a visit or a telephone conversation, as Ainsworths make things to suit each individual.


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The best c-section products for your scar

Silicone Scar Gel, Kelo-Cote

My Baba’s editor Ellie Thompson swears by the Silicone Scar Gel by Kelo-Cote. It’s a patented silicone gel that’s clinically proven to smooth, soften and flatten raised scars. The silicone gel reduces redness and relieves the itching, pain and discomfort associated with a scar.

The Kelo-Cote self dries to form an invisible breathable and waterproof sheet within 4-5 minutes, providing 24 hours of protection, and the recommended treatment is 60-90 days. This feature has been sponsored by KELO-COTE®

Scar Spray, Kelo-Cote

Made with the same clinically proven formula as the Kelo-Cote Scar Gel, the Scar Spray is designed to offer the same level of treatment and protection for raised scars in spray form. The Spray comes in a self-drying formula that’s specially designed to lightly cover larger or more sensitive scars. This feature has been sponsored by KELO-COTE®

Scar Saviour, Nessa Organics

Nessa Organics have a range of amazing products for pre and post-birth, and their Scar Saviour is a brilliant C-section product well worth investing in.

A vitamin-infused balm loaded with powerful plant actives it works to instantly hydrate and restore the skin, helping to minimise the appearance of all scars and stretch marks. Jam-packed full of powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, turmeric, marshmallow root, and vitamin E, all work to penetrate the skin, boosting collagen, and accelerating skin and scar recovery.

Skin Mark Minimiser, Modor & Bearn

Modor & Bearn have created a range of pre-birth, post-birth and newborn cosmetic solutions, all designed by a pharmacist with efficacy and safety at the heart of what they’re about.

The Modor & Bearn Skin Mark Minimiser was devised in response to many over-the-counter requests for products to assist with C-section scars and stretch marks. The ingredients were selected for their renowned role in skin recovery and health. The core three include: the multi-functional silicone (to increase skin hydration allowing it to breathe, to create a protective film over the skin, to balance the formation and breakdown of collagen and to reduce itchiness), Vitamin E (to protect against “free radicals”, which damage healthy cells to become stable themselves) and hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturising factor found on the skin which attracts high levels of moisture).

Like with many things, time is a healer and the skin is no exception. The Modor & Bearn Skin Mark Minimiser isn’t an overnight fix but if incorporated into the daily routine, results become noticeably visible over eight weeks with three months of use being optimal.


Hypericum & Calendula Cream, Neal’s Yard Remedies

The maternity ward also sent me home with a soothing Hypericum and Calendula Cream as well as drops of Hypericum Calycinum. The latter you mix in warm water and bathe on the wound a couple of times a day to speed up the healing process of the Caesarean scar.

Mama Marks, Mama Mio

Formulated for mamas with fresh stretch marks, this highly effective blend of peptides, fruit enzymes and oils is clinically proven to reduce the appearance, colour and texture of existing stretch marks. Packed full of natural plant-based actives to deliver results you can see and feel, it’s also brilliant for C-section scars, so if you want to invest in something you’ll use before and after your Caesarean, this is a good option.




Bio Oil, Boots

Lots of people swear by Bio Oil as a brilliant go-to when it comes to C-section products and stretch marks. It’s good to start massaging the scar area as soon as the healing process kicks in.

I hope this helps and if anyone has any miracle creams or lotions and potions, please get in touch!

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This feature has been sponsored by KELO-COTE®

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