I had to have a caesarean section with my last baby and having had two natural births, there was quite a bit to learn. I did a lot of research on pre- and post- op and there are literally thousands of products on the market. Some people swore by scar creams and oils, whereas others couldn’t live without the belly belt – something that I didn’t actually use. So, starting from the top, here are my essential products.

High Rise Full Briefs, Marks & Spencer

High rise granny pants that sit well over the scar are an absolute must! The wound itself is actually covered for a good few days before the stitches are taken out.

Hospital Tincture, Ainsworths

The one product I started on the day I went into hospital was Ainsworths Hospital Tincture. If you’re into homeopathy, it’s well worth a visit or a telephone conversation, as Ainsworths make things to suit each individual.

Hypericum & Calendula Cream, Neal’s Yard Remedies

They also sent me home with a soothing Hypericum & Calendula cream and drops of Hypericum Calycinum that you mix in warm water and bathe on the wound a couple of times a day to speed up the heeling process of the caesarean scar.

Mepiform, from your local pharmacy 

My obstetrician sent me off with a prescription for Mepiform which is like a really sticky plaster that you’re meant to keep on for at least three months – only taking off at bath time. You cut them in strips and one usually lasts a couple of days.

Bio Oil, Boots

Lots of people swear by Bio Oil and it’s good to start massaging the scar area as soon as the healing process kicks in.

Dermatix Silicone Gel, Boots

The last product I’ve started using recently is Dermatix Silicone oil. I’ve seen the results on a couple of friends and it’s impressive.

I hope this helps and if anyone has any miracle creams or lotions and potions, please get in touch!