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5 Great Products For Your Newborn + Handy Tips For New Mamas

If you’re an expectant mama trying to figure out what newborn essentials are crucial in the first few weeks, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many newborn baby products on the market, it can be difficult to know which to invest in. Trusted parenting giant Cheeky Rascals recommend these top five products to add to your newborn essentials shopping list, together with some handy tips to boot.

Bathing your newborn

A bath is the best way to start your bedtime routine, and a baby bath is one of our recommended newborn essentials. The Cheeky Rascals’ Baby Bath is made from hygienic and mould resistant materials with an anti-skid base to help keep your baby safe. Its rounded shape gives you the room you need to wash your baby with ease. There’s a handy plug for easy draining, and it’s lightweight and compact. Ideal for using in the bath, shower or on the floor and in conjunction with the Cheeky Rascals Bath Support.

Best bath support for baby

The soft-touch bath support by Cheeky Rascals is a godsend for hands-free, confident bath times. Designed to gently support your baby at the perfect height, the bath support cradles your baby within the bath, allowing legs and arms to move freely. It connects firmly to your bath with suction cup grips, is mould resistant and suitable for babies from 0-6 months.

When can I first bathe my baby?

You can bathe your newborn as soon as you choose to, but you may prefer to wait a few days and offer a daily clean up of their face, neck, hands and bottom, otherwise known as a ‘top and tail’ wash.  You don’t have to bathe your newborn every day unless you want to, two or three baths a week is enough.

The NHS advises filling the bath with cold water first before you add in the hot. You should test the temperature with your elbow and it should feel comfortably warm.  Add in no more than 8-10cm of water so your baby can move their arms and legs.


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Swaddling your baby

Love To Swaddle UP Warm 2.5 TOG

Traditional swaddling can be a tricky business, and that’s why we recommend checking out Love To Dream, and their ingenious range of products for safer swaddling.

Suitable from birth, the Love To Swaddle UP is a stage one sleepsuit that combines all the benefits of a traditional swaddle with the ease-of-use and safety of a sleepsuit. Not only does it make life super easy for you, but it also provides complete peace of mind that your baby is being swaddled safely.

Safer swaddling

The Love To Swaddle UP has been certified ‘hip-healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Designed to embrace your baby’s arms upwards in a natural position, the Swaddle UP allows leaves hips free to wriggle and move, so you can rest assured your baby’s hips can develop properly.

Made from machine washable, super-soft, clingy fabric that replicates the feeling of being in the womb, its single layer of fabric reduces the risk of overheating, while the outer seams leave no loose threads or uncomfortable seams around baby. What’s more, the sleepsuit’s two-way zipper makes nappy changes a breeze.

When it comes to safer swaddling with ease, you can’t go wrong.

What are the benefits of swaddling?

Research has found that swaddling replicates the snug feeling your baby is used to in utero. Swaddling soothes and quietens babies, and helps them sleep better and for longer. It also allows them to self-soothe, as they’re less likely to wake up because of their startle reflex, which typically kicks in between each sleep cycle.

Swaddling also works as a positive sleep cue. Your baby will start to associate sleep with being put into their swaddle, allowing them to relax and doze off with ease. Most importantly, swaddling encourages babies to sleep on their back, which is the best measure to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Newborn benefits of babywearing

Babywearing offers so many benefits, and the right carrier is most definitely a newborn essential. Wearing your baby not only allows you to bond with your baby from a newborn but enables you to be hands-free to get household chores done. It also makes getting out of the house a piece of cake. Babywearing can not only improves your baby’s physical development, it can reduce crying and the symptoms associated with colic, and even help in combatting post-natal depression.

Izmi Baby Wrap

Approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the Izmi Baby Wrap was designed by Emily Williamson, a UK mum and expert babywearing consultant. Emily designed the Izmi® Carrier in the UK to be comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting.

The ergonomic Izmi Baby Wrap is made from ultra-soft, breathable bamboo to keep your baby safe and secure and at the right temperature.

A brilliant newborn essential for babies weighing 2.3kg – 9kg (5lbs – 20lbs).

Do I really need a nappy bin?

Every first-time parent will look at buying a nappy bin. We recommend this one by Korbell, because this is a bin that doubles up as a regular pedal bin, and can be used long after your nappy days are over.

Nappy Bin, Korbell

This hands-free nappy bin is available in three sizes and each bin comes with a free long-lasting roll of biodegradable bin liners.

MINI – The Mini (9L) Bin holds up to 25 nappies at a time. The liner lasts for up to 300 nappies for 6 weeks.*

STANDARD – The Standard (15/16L) Bin. Holds up to 45 nappies at a time. The liner lasts for up to 495 nappies or 10–11 weeks.*

PLUS – The PLUS (26L) Bin is perfect for more than one baby or a childminder. Holds up to 65 nappies at a time. The liner lasts for up to 580 nappies or 11–12 weeks.*


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