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Essential Winter Travel Items For Getting Outside

If you’re planning on getting outdoors this winter with your family (it’s still possible depending on where you live), then it’s important that you’re wearing the correct attire. Between the rain, snow, and howling winds, it can get frigid a lot faster than you would believe; a registered temperature of 0 can feel like 10 below when it starts storming outside. With that being said, there’s not really any bad weather, just inadequate clothing, and with the right outfit, you’ll be able to withstand even the harshest that mother nature can throw at you. So open that wardrobe, and take note as we run through the essential winter travel items that you should be packing.

Down Jacket

Lightweight, portable, and extremely warm, a down jacket is something that should top the list of anyone looking to get outside right now. In addition to being snug, it’s able to compact itself into a very small space and is ideal for travel, once that’s back on the table. A down jacket is perfect for backpacking and for those who don’t like to take too much luggage with them. Brands such as Patagonia and The North Face sell quality down jackets that will keep you warm no matter what conditions, but if you’re on a budget you can also find something decent for a good price at stores like Uniqlo.

Merino Wool Jumper

Merino wool is the miracle fabric for hikers and extreme sports enthusiasts. Not only is it able to keep you warm under the harshest conditions, but because of its inherent antibacterial properties, it doesn’t hold on to odours and so can be worn for days at a stretch between washes. This makes it ideal for families on the go. It’s also lightweight, making it the ideal fabric for travel clothing if you’re looking to keep your weight down, once lockdown has been lifted.

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Heading into an area known for being cold and wet? Then you absolutely need a pair of wellies. Designed to be waterproof and keep your feet dry, wellies are both a walker and a traveller’s best friend. They also come in a range of designs from ankle to knee height, meaning you always find a boot that suits both your purposes and your outfit. Check out sites like Zalando for a comprehensive range of wellies, otherwise, head down to your local shoe store and you should be able to find what you’re looking for there.


Thermals are an absolute life-saver. Lightweight, incredibly warm, and comfortable, they function as an underlayer to help insulate you against the cold. If you’re heading to snow country or anyone with plunging temperatures, thermals are a must. A bonus tip is that if you’re trying to pack light, thermals also double as really comfortable pyjamas at night.


Lastly, you’re going to need to invest in a quality scarf to keep your neck warm and prevent the wind from finding your weak spots. You have a lot of choice in this regard as scarves come in many different styles and can be made from many different materials. Check out this article by Scandanavian Standard for a comprehensive list of different scarves available. The great thing about a scarf is that not only is it extremely functional in keeping you warm, it’s also a fantastic accessory.

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