London’s digital beauty concierge Ruuby offers access to both salon and at home appointments with their stellar team of beauty therapists. We especially love that you can use the Ruuby app to book an at home mother and daughter braid appointment with the lovely Shabnam, who once booked, will arrive at your house with an absolute treasure trove of hair accessories – from beads and feathers to charms and flowers.

Shabnam knows pretty much everything there is to know when it comes to the latest hair trends and hair styles, and her enthusiasm is infectious, making the experience a fun bonding session for you and your little one. Shabnam is available to book via the Ruuby app or the website.


Face framing braids with a low pony style. Perfect for festival season. Bring on Coachella in the Spring!


On the Herve Leger ready to wear SS16 Catwalk


Step 1: Shampoo and Condition the hair with product of your choice

Step 2: Apply a heat protectant or all over the hair and a few pumps of mousse on the roots for added hold

Step 3: Rough dry the hair until 75% dry and using a medium size brush smooth the hair working your way around the head until dry

Step 4: Using a pin tail comb take a triangle section from the crown to the hair line to start your braid. If you have any baby hair use a serum or moulding wax which will tame frizz and baby hair

Step 5: Make sure to start the braid o thinner, ending with a thicker braid just behind the ear framing the side of the face. Tie the rest of the remaining hair into a pony tail just at the nape of the neck

Step 6: Wrap the braid around the pony with the rest of the hair and secure with grips

Step 7: Use a hair serum to smooth out any frizz. Use a lightweight spray to hold style in place

Et voila!