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I did a shoot last week that involved the biggest Silver Cross I’ve ever seen. It made me want to live in a time where prams like these were practical, a time without mobile phones, and a time where walking your baby for hours of the day in a London park was the normal thing to do.

The suspension is something that got me – it could literally take to any road or pot hole, totally amazing. Fast forward to spring 15, and Silver Cross is still going strong. I’ve just had a sneak peek of their special edition Eton Grey, which is a luxury suiting fabric, on their award winning Wayfarer and Surf 2. This is any fashionista’s dream, having been inspired by cat walk trends. It does look pretty slick!

With the release of Kingsman, their trend of traditional British tailoring, couldn’t be more on point, and I could actually see Colin Firth looking pretty cool behind these wheels! The Wayfarer looks pretty compact, and is suitable from birth to toddler. The Surf II is said to combine comfort, style and manoverability, with a lightweight yet strong magnesium alloy chassi in a slick looking black gloss.


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