Everything You Need To Start Potty Training Your Child

If you are about to take the plunge in the world of potty training, we have put a fab list together of all the products you will need to start the journey!

Clothing – Try to have clothing as loose and easily manageable as possible, skirts for girls especially in the summer are fab, and for boys, I’d opt for nice loose fitting pairs of trousers. This encourages them to try and tackle the potty by themselves. I know my son took a long time to go on his own until I realised the jeans he was wearing day-to-day were quite difficult for him to pull down on his own!

Some people say its best to go cold turkey and put children straight into normal pants but if you want peace of mind that you won’t be dealing with accidental puddles everywhere, these Pull Ups and Trainer pants are fantastic as they can still be pulled up and down like normal pants. They are great for nighttime too, as it may take a lot longer to be dry during the night. What I like about these pants is that they prevent your child from waking if they do have an accident in their sleep.

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Pull Ups, Mothercare

Trainer Pants, JoJo Maman Bebe

Training Pants, Bambino Mio

Potties – If like me you don’t have a toilet downstairs these are some great potties that can last. I have found in the past some potties are not deep enough and when your child gets older can be a messy problem! The Potty chair from OXO Tot is great because its deep and you can remove the inner potty for easy cleaning, just remember to put it back afterwards!

Potty Chair, OXO Tot

Pourty from Uber Kids

Potty Chair, Mothercare

Toilet Seats– There are some great removable seats and fixed seats that you can use once your little one get brave enough to start using the big toilet and the footstools are great to help them get up.

Potette Plus, Cheeky Rascals

Talia Toilet Seat, JoJo Maman Bebe

Trainer Seat, Mothercare

Step Stool, Amazon

Step Stool, OXO Tot

Out and About – If you are afraid of venturing out for the first few days these products are fantastic to ensure you have something for your little one if they cant manage the big toilet. The Carry Potties are really good as their funky designs make it fun for your little one and they can carry them around too. The Potette Plus if also fab as you can use it with special bags if there is no access to a toilet or you can use as a trainer seat on any toilet!

My Carry Potty, Amazon

Potette Plus, Cheeky Rascals


Encouraging – Reward charts, books and stickers are a great way to encourage your little one and in the Potty Training Pack from the Potty Training Academy you have everything you would need to start the journey including stickers, reward box, a storybook, DVD and a certificate for when your little one gets the hang of it.

Reward Chart,  Amazon

Training Pack, The Potty Training Academy


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