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What Happened In The Parenting World This Week

We take a look at what’s happening in the world this week, covering all things baby, children and family.

Thousands of faulty Clear & Simple pregnancy tests recalled

A batch which thousands of faulty pregnancy tests from Clear & Simple have been recalled. The tests have been giving false positive results and around 58,000 that have been distributed in the UK are thought to be affected. If you’ve purchased one of these tests, you’re advised to check the lot number and expiry date. If your package contains the lot number DM10220170710E and expiry date of January 2020, you have one of the tests that has been affected.

Record number of children between aged 10 and 11 are severely obese

1 in 25 children in year 6 at school are in the dangerously overweight category, according to annual findings from the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP). These findings are ‘the definitive measure of children’s weight in England’, reports The Guardian.  More boys than girls are overweight. The proportion of reception pupils who have overweight or obese has fallen slightly from 22.6% to 22.4%.


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New NHS campaign could help new mums save on prescription costs

The NHS have launched a ‘Check Before You Tick’ campaign to support new and expectant mums in understanding their eligibility to free prescriptions. Pregnant women and mothers of children under one year old are entitled to free prescriptions, but many do not realise. You’ll need to apply for a Maternity Exemption Certificate in order to claim. You can do this with help from a GP, midwife or health visitor. You will also be entitled to free NHS dental treatment during pregnancy and for the first 12 months after you give birth.

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Pushing early could reduce risk of complications during birth

When to push has been a point of contention amongst experts. Some suggest pushing as soon as you become fully dilated, while others recommending waiting an hour at full dilation before bearing down. A new study, from Washington University of Medicine reveals that pushing early on could lower the risk of haemorrhage and infection. The study, between 2014 and 2017 of 2,000 women, half who pushed immediately and half who delayed pushing, found that the immediate-pushing group had lower rates of infection and excessive bleeding.


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Parents are stressed six times a day because of children

The average parent finds themselves stressed out six times a day because of their children, new research shows. The peak age is 5 years, when a child is at their most demanding. The biggest stress triggers are kids going to bed, meal times and doing the weekly food shop, reveals research from BPme. Other worries that made parents feel stressed included getting out of the door on time, knowing the right food to feed their children and getting home from work on time to wish them goodnight.

Phones are damaging parental relationships

Phones are damaging our relationships with our children, according to research from Clas Ohlson. The research shows that over half of parents (53%) keep their children occupied with phones. Further, 40% of Brits in relationships would rather spend time in bed on their phone than with their partner.


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