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10 Easy Weaning Tips To Get You Started

This week is National Weaning Week, so we’ve teamed up with our friends at Beaba to provide you with some expert weaning advice to help you get started.

Weaning advice: where to start

The prospect of weaning is a whole new experience for babies and parents. Introducing your little ones to solid food is an important milestone in a baby’s development, and the weaning journey usually begins around 6 months of age. The process of weaning can be challenging for both the baby and parent, but there are some general tips that can help make the process easier.

Weaning-specialist brand, Beaba is on hand to help with every step of the weaning journey. With years of experience, Beaba’s website and social media are packed with tips and advice, food ideas, and recipes by age and stage. What’s more, Beaba has an award-winning range of innovative and stylish products to make weaning your baby even easier, including the award-winning Babycook range.

NHS weaning guidelines

NHS guidelines recommend that weaning starts from six months or once your little one is able to:

  • Stay in a sitting position and hold their head steady
  • Coordinate their eyes, hands, and mouth so they can see food, pick it up and get it to their mouth
  • Swallow the food rather than pushing it back out of their mouth

Beaba’s top weaning tips

1. Allow your baby to become familiar with the highchair before they start weaning by popping them in it with some toys or baby spoons and bowls to play with.

2. Start with small amounts and introduce vegetables first. Begin by offering small amounts of solid foods, such as pureed fruits mixed in with baby’s normal milk, and then alone or as finger foods.

3. Introduce one food at a time in a really small amount, especially if you’re offering potentially allergenic foods such as cow’s milk, egg, soya, nut butters or fish. Waiting a few days in between to monitor for any allergic reactions or digestive issues.

4. As your baby gets used to eating solid foods, gradually increase the variety and texture of the foods you offer. This can help your baby learn to chew and swallow more complex foods.

5. Aim for your baby to be eating 3 meals a day by the time they are around 7 months old.

Be patient – and pay attention to your baby’s cues

6. Don’t give your baby whole grapes or nuts, popcorn or small pieces of hard, uncooked fruit and veg such as carrots and apples – as these are a choking risk. Babies under the age of 12 months also shouldn’t be given honey or anything with added sugar or salt.

7. Pay attention to your baby’s cues, such as turning their head away or spitting out food, to know when they are full or not interested in a particular food.

8. Be patient: Weaning can be a slow process, and it may take several weeks or even months for your baby to get used to eating solid foods. Be patient and continue to offer a variety of healthy foods.

9. Offer a small amount of tap water (cool-boiled if under 6 months) served in a cup suitable for a baby with every meal to teach your baby how to drink.

10. Try to relax and enjoy it!

Weaning: what baby kit do I need?

Don’t panic! Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need a highchair, bib, bowl, and spoon to start. Beaba’s website has many recommendations for weaning equipment, particularly their award-winning Babycook.

The first Baby Food Steamer Blender is designed to take all the hassle out of preparing food, steaming, blending, defrosting and reheating safely for you. Beaba’s eco-friendly, glass and stainless steel Babycook Neo is another great gadget, and it’ll be your kitchen go-to long after your baby weans.

Beaba has recently launched its Babycook Solo Express, which is super speedy and eco-friendly. This economical 4-in-1 baby food maker is faster than ever before. With 2-cooking modes (express and eco), it steams, defrosts and reheats, plus mixes, blends and chops to create delicious, nutritious home-made baby food in minutes.

Click here to see it in action!

Shop Babycook bundles

Beaba offers a wide range of weaning ‘bundles’ to suit different budgets. Get organised ahead of time with bowls, cutlery, bibs, and storage.

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