As soon as the clocks went back and the afternoons grew dark, as a little girl growing up in London I used to watch eagerly for the bright twinkling lights of Harrods to be switched on, it was always a sign that the Christmas season had well and truly arrived.

Now having children of my own, Harrods at Christmastime creates a wave of nostalgia for me year on year. When it comes to London, for me, my children and many other families, Harrods is quintessentially Christmas.

Harrods have a knack of sweeping you up into the magic of Christmas, it’s not just about their popular Santa’s Grotto, but their amazing Toy Kingdom, stocking a plethora of toys just waiting to be wrapped lovingly in festive paper and string, to be left safely under the tree on Christmas Eve. The Harrods Toy Kingdom is where every child wants to be. With toys stacked further than the eye can see, it’s a place of wonder and enchantment for children of all ages, and even still, for the big kids like me.

Harrods have set out to make your Christmas shopping experience even more rewarding, with their new Toy Kingdom Concierge located on the third floor. The Harrods’ Toy Conceirge pride themselves on sourcing the world’s most exclusive toys. They have a team of toy experts on hand to help you compile gift lists for children, finding the right products for the right ages. The Toy Concierge’s wish-lists are fit for Santa himself, with presents guaranteed to delight your child.

The Magic of The Harrods Toy Kingdom – A Christmas Story

And so it came to pass, on one particularly icy cold winter’s morning, the children woke early, the sun was still in bed, and the big silver moon shone down from the dark sky into their bedroom windows, while they dressed quietly by moonlight, yawning, and rubbing their eyes. Their parents bundled their sleepy heads into the back of a black taxi, and the next thing they knew, they were standing in the middle of The Harrods Toy Kingdom, four children, wide eyed, and in awe of the sights that met their eyes.

London had yet to wake on this icy cold morning. The store was still sleeping – the doors were still closed and locked to the outside world. You could hear a pin drop, and if you listened carefully, the twinkling sound of the many Christmas lights. There was not a peep from Mr Harrods, the store owner or any of his helpers, they were surely still in bed. The rest of the store was silent. Absolutely nobody was awake… well, nobody besides the toys. Everybody knows what happens at nighttime in The Toy Kingdom.

Caspian, 6, Scarlet, 5, George, 3 and Maisie, just 18 months old couldn’t believe their eyes. With the lights down low, and nobody else to disturb them, each child ran gleefully in their own direction, on the hunt for their own favourite presents for Christmas. For Father Christmas had sent the children on a very special mission, to capture the toys that excited the children the most, to help with his annual administrative duties in the North Pole (he has many children to pick presents for, and needed some advice from the children themselves). The Harrods elves in the Toy Concierge were watching too – as they always do, in preparation, so that on Christmas morning, every child in the country will wake up to unwrap the toys they love the most, ones they’ll cherish, and won’t put down for a very long time.

Here is some very special video footage of the children’s Toy Kingdom mission – with exclusive permission from Father Christmas.

Christmas is coming, so book your appointment with the Toy Concierge today, by email or by calling this number: 07342052465.

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