This exploring magnets sensory tray was inspired by BB when he was playing with a train set. He had discovered that a magnetic pen would attach itself to the magnetic couplers on the train. He was fascinated by it. I then gave him my magnetic wand to use as well. When EC and YC got home from school, they also started playing with it. Now they can all explore the properties of magnetism.

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To make your own exploring magnets sensory tray you will need:

  • Magnets
  • Paper clips
  • Springs
  • Magnetic letters or something similar
  • Trains with magnets
  • Metal utensils

I just left the magnetic sensory tray on the side bench in the playroom as an invitation to play.

exploring magnets sensory tray

When BB came down to play he made a bee line straight for the sensory tray.  It was really sweet to watch him use the magnets and try and attach them to other objects.  He was chatting to himself as he did it; “Does it stick? Yup.  Does it stick? Yup.  Does it stick? Nope.”  It made me smile.

exploring magnets sensory tray

He realised that the little magnets wouldn’t attach to the funnel.

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Exploring magnets sensory tray for children.