When I was based in London I would often take my charges to the Science Museum. One of our favourite places to explore was the Pattern Pod. We would have to go there as soon as it opened, in order to get some peace before all the school groups descended. I’m no longer based in London, *sigh*, so BB doesn’t get the joys of it. Never fear though, I have made him his own Pattern Pod with this exploring patterns with mirrors activity.

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To do your own exploring patterns with mirrors activity you will need:

I got my mirrors from Muji. They are folding ones, which makes them easy to store and easy to turn into a mirror box.

This is a very simple activity to set up. Just put out the mirrors and the shapes.

I started playing with one, it is rather relaxing, and BB came over to check it out. He then decided to help me finish my pattern.

exploring patterns with mirrors

I have left the mirrors and blocks on the side all week, and he has played with them numerous times. Sometimes he brings them to the table and we play with them together. Other times he has used other objects to play with rather than the wooden shapes.

I am hoping that YC and EC will find them sitting there soon and play with them.

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Exploring patterns with mirrors activity.  A great stem activity for children to explore symmetry.