I know I have probably said it before, but one of BB’s favourite things to do is put items into containers and then pull them out again. I have done a few activities with him that incorporate this, and now have a new one; a fabric sensory tub.

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You will need:

  • Pieces of fabric
  • Container

One of the best things about this activity is that it is so cheap to make. I didn’t spend anything on it. I simply recycled an old dog bone container (I obviously washed it out) and some cut out some old bits of fabric to use.

fabric sensory tub

Simple put the fabric inside the container and let your little one pull out and put the fabric back in.

fabric sensory tub

I was originally going to cut a hole in the lid, but it seemed rather pointless in the end. BB actually rather likes taking the lid on and off.

fabric sensory tub

This fabric sensory tub can be made into a busy bag. On a recent long haul flight I took a few scraps of fabric and put them in the vanity bag that we were given on the flight.

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fabric sensory tub - a cheap and easy activity for toddlers and babies.