We took the Octavia Skoda Scout Estate for a drive this weekend to find out how family friendly it is, and we were pleasantly surprised. The Skoda Scout has been voted best family car of the year by What Car the past 3 years running, and it’s easy to see why.

Safety First

With 7 airbags, a pre-filled breaking system, fatigue sensor, front assist and crew protection assistant, this car has it covered when it comes to safety – all fantastic attributes in a family car. The crew protection assist technology is mind blowing; when the car detects a high chance of collision, it breaks, tightens seat belts, shuts windows and sun roofs to keep all passengers as safe as possible.

The interior of the Scout is slick, the seats are comfy, the steering wheel is leather, and the cockpit comes complete with an infotainment system that works via a touch screen which allows you to use bluetooth, wifi, or connection to your devices via USB. The sound system is pretty neat, and there’s also an option to upgrade to an even more impressive surround sound system if music is your thing. Naturally, there’s also a pretty nifty sat nav.

We what especially loved about the car were the different modes of driving, which you can access easily via the touch screen. Sport mode was Jamie’s favourite – with one push of the button, off you go roaring up the road! The different modes of driving adapt to different situations. Besides Sport, there’s ‘normal’, ‘eco’ and ‘individual’, (the latter allows the driver to configure their own settings – how neat!). Depending on which mode you choose the car will adapt the engine torque, accelerator sensitivity, power steering and headlight control.

There are lots of gadgets within the car, phone holders on the back of the front passenger seat, a CD player in the glovebox, as well as adjustable cup holders to make life easier. We loved the automatic windscreen wipers that detect the rain outside.

When it comes to the back seats, as you’ll see in the video, there’s lots of space for three large adults to sit comfortably, so baby seats in the back are not a problem in the Skoda Octavia Scout.

As you’ll see from the video, the boot is absolutely massive. With a large Hatch opening, you can load things into the back with ease. With the rear seats folded down there’s 1,580 litres of space. Just phenomenal!

The exterior of the car is elegant and simple, and streamlined which hides just how big the car is inside. It was definitely Jamie’s favourite car to-date, which surprised me as being an Estate it was quite long in shape. From a family point of view – you won’t go wrong with one of these.