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Must-Read: Educate Yourself on Family Nutrition for a Healthier Life

Eating the right foods and following the best diet for great health can sometimes feel like a minefield whatever your age or circumstance; maybe you want to improve fertility or a healthy pregnancy; maybe you want great energy to enjoy all areas of your life; or maybe you want to provide the best nutrition for your child or teenager’s development.

You may also feel bombarded with the latest nutrition information through social media and the news and all too often the advice can appear conflicting; a great example of this is a recent set of news stories where one day coffee is the best thing to help our brain health and energy, whereas the next day’s headlines painted coffee as the devil’s drink robbing us of energy and precious minerals that support our health!

What can we believe?

Maybe you are currently feeling low in energy (well let’s face it, having a family is always going to challenge even the most energetic person); or maybe you have a child that is a picky eater and you want to make sure that they are getting the best from their diet.

What about food supplements?

We know that certain food supplements are required for fertility, pregnancy, childhood development and beyond, such as folic acid and essential fatty acids, but can we get all the nutrition we need from our food? And if we need an extra nutrient boost which type of food supplements do you pick from the vast array that are on sale in health food shops and online stores? You’re certainly not alone feeling confused about food and food supplement choices!

There are so many questions about nutrition that all too often I find that people get “decision fatigue” about their diet and food choices and in the “busyness” of family life, food can sometimes take a back seat. But what if you could find out more about the true power of nutrition and the impact food can have on your body and health and that of your family in a truthful, straight forward, simple and easy to access and follow format?

Sounds good, right?

Well allow me to introduce myself – I’m Dr Elisabeth Philipps PhD and I’m passionate about food and nutrition education for all! I have put together a team of renowned nutritional experts and we have come up with a one-stop “hub” of nutrition information and simple online education courses to enable you to access up-to-date nutrition info that will help you and your family. And all from the comfort of your own home!

Before I tell you more about our nutrition platform let me tell you a bit about myself and how changing my diet and lifestyle helped me overcome a challenging illness and how this led to training in the area of nutritional therapy, enabling me to help many other people to improve their health – maybe even you…

I was in my mid 20s enjoying a highflying, successful career as a senior neuroscientist with an international pharmaceutical company. I’d just got married and felt as if I had the world at my feet with a demanding but exciting job matched with an equally demanding but exciting social life. However, that all ended quite literally overnight when I developed a very sudden and severe gastroenteritis that totally sapped all my energy due to “burnout”.

After six months of not being able to get out of bed, let alone go back to work or managing my family and social life, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It seemed a very bleak and lonely time. If you’ve heard or know anything about CFS, after many medical investigations, you’re often told that nothing specific can be found to treat and that there’s not a lot can be done. How wrong this is!

I was determined to not only get better but to enjoy a full and exciting life once again, so I started doing what I know best and that’s researching. I found that nutrition could make a huge difference to short and long-term health and even reverse seemingly intractable conditions. By changing my diet, with the help of a local nutritional therapist, I was able to restore my energy and over several months start to regain some semblance of family life. The more I read, the more the area of nutrition and specific nutrients interacting with the human body at cellular, organ and system levels made sense. And the more I made changes to my diet, as well as my lifestyle, the more improvements I experienced, including energy levels that were even better than before the illness.

Functional Nutrition

I continued to put my neuroscience and research skills to the test and retrained as a nutritional therapist. I’ve been enjoying this career change for over nine years now and continue to learn how to help my own health, as well as others through what has now become widely known as Functional Nutrition.

But this isn’t an exclusive club! You don’t need several degrees to learn about this fascinating area and apply it to your own life. What you need is simple and straightforward access to the latest research coupled with practical guidelines in how to apply the area of functional nutrition to your own life and that of your family. It’s not difficult to do what I like to describe as “joining the dots” between specific areas of health and nutrition and the benefits are huge – just look at me – from bed-bound to enjoying great health and running a demanding but exciting health consultancy and family after I’d been told I would always have CFS and my energy would never recover!

Nutrihub Foundation Course

So that’s why I’m passionate about nutrition education. Take a look at to find out why our foundation course and becoming part of our nutrition community may just change your life. Our courses are written and tutored by leading nutrition experts, they are simple to access from a mobile platform and because they’re online (with full tutor support) you can study at a time and pace to suit your life.

So what are you waiting for – check out nutrihub, your nutrition education starts here!

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About Elisabeth

Elisabeth achieved a BSc Hons and PhD in neuropharmacology and from her own personal health experiences extended her training in the area of nutritional therapy, studying for a BSc in Nutritional Medicine at Thames Valley University (now called University of West London). She is a busy nutritional therapist and health coach who is passionate about nutrition education for the public and practitioners alike, which she shares through her work writing courses, blogs and education articles and as lead tutor at, as well as technical adviser and product developer at Nutrigold.

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