Your kids are in their school shoes for at least six hours a day, so it’s important you choose the right pair that fit correctly, with a little growing room for tiny toes.

September isn’t all that far away, so to help you get ready for the new school year, we have pulled together some fantastic styles perfect for kids of all ages. Top tip – we recommend getting organised when it comes to buying your school supplies, but don’t get too organised, if you shop for shoes too early, little feet may grow, so leave it until the end of August if you can.

Check out Start-Rite’s guide to school shoes for tips on measuring your child’s feet at home.

Leapfrog Patent, Start-Rite

Bliss Vegan Synthetic, Start-Rite

Classic School Shoe, La Coqueta

Kick T Bar Vegan, Kickers


Impulsive II, Start-Rite

Engineer Vegan Synthetic, Start-Rite

Classic School Shoe, La Coqueta

Tovni Trip Vegan, Kickers

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