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Top 5 Outfits to Wear With Cowboy Boots

Pop culture is finally catching up to what the rest of us have already known: cowboy boots are in. In recent years, we’ve seen everyone from Nashville stars to Hollywood big shots sporting cowboy boots in fun and fashionable ways.

A good pair of cowboy boots will go with almost anything — and branching out from some Daisy Dukes and plaid is highly encouraged. Show off your style with the following five cute outfit combinations.

Plain-coloured sundresses

This combination appears first because it’s easy to put together. Find a little white dress or a solid-coloured sundress and pair it with a classic pair of cowboy boots. The less formal the sundress, the better the styling will be.

This look is great for a boxy, plain dress, as your cowboy boots should be the centre of this outfit. You can consult fashion bloggers who offer tips on how to pair this outfit with cowboy boots, but consider some additional pointers:

  • Go with a plainer dress.
  • Go all out with your boots.
  • Try mid-length dresses or longer or shorter styles based on your personal frame.

Accessorize with lightly curled hair and a chunky, large piece of statement jewellery.

Skinny jeans and an old shirt

Seasoned country girls know how to rock a pair of cowboy boots with almost anything. If you’re a beginner to wearing cowboy boots, go slow with skinny jeans and a vintage or worn shirt.

Find a lightly faded vintage shirt and pair it with dark blue or black skinny jeans. This retro style will pair well with some cowboy boots that can move away from a more “country” vibe. Try also finding a pair of plain boots or go all out with bright colours that match colours in your shirt.


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Patterns and Leggings

If you’re the type of woman who likes to make a statement, this look is for you. Try pairing patterned leggings with a looser, baggier top in a solid colour. If you can match your T-shirt with your boots, pick a vibe, such as a Western or boho look.

Tunic Dresses

This outfit combination is a bit more modern, but it still has country flair. Plaid and cowboy boots are a classic combination, but you can take your look up a notch by wearing a tunic dress — or even a plaid tunic dress.

This outfit is a bit more elegant than leggings or jeans, which makes it the ideal choice for attending a dance or going out for drinks. Think about pairing a braided leather belt that matches the colour of your boots with your dress.

Clothing With Bright Colors

If you’ve previously stuck with some boring boot colours, now is the time to broaden your horizons. Add flair to your wardrobe by mixing and matching the perfect pair of boots with complementary bright colours.

If you like to stick to solid colours, try a pair of solid-coloured boots with intricate designs and stitching. This boot style will help to add some visual interest and texture.

Now that you have some outfit pairings, you can feel confident knowing that your cowboy boots will gain the attention they deserve. Feel free to create your own style.


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