Autumn happens to be my favourite season; I love the cooler weather it brings and the beautiful colour.  Plus, it is a wonderful time to drink hot chocolate (not that I ever need an excuse for that).  As it is my favourite time of year, I try to do at least one craft or activity themed around it.  This year I have gone for felt tip leaf printing.  Many years ago, I did it with paints, but this is a nice clean one if you don’t want to clear up the paint.

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To do your own felt tip leaf printing you will need:

  • Leaves
  • Felt tip pens
  • Paper

This is a great excuse for going on a walk to find some leaves to colour in.  The fresher they are the better.

Before you start your felt tip leaf printing, make sure that your leaves are dry.

felt tip leaf printing

Colour your leaf and then print it onto the paper.  If you run your finger over the leaf as you are printing it, you will get more of the colour to transfer.

I set this up as an invitation to create for BB as an after-school activity.  If you wanted to take this activity a step further, you could use it as a chance to look at the distinct types of leaves and what trees they came from.

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