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Festival Fun With Peter & Keeley Cox: Top Tips For Family Adventures

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and take your children to a festival for the first time or want to make this year’s family festival adventure a little bit easier, you’ve come to the right place.

Going to a festival with little ones in tow can be an exciting adventure filled with unforgettable moments: but navigating different environments, being at the mercy of the elements, surrounded by noise, plus lots and lots of people, can also prove quite challenging too.

To find out how you can enjoy an unforgettable family festival experience, discover this year’s Family Festival Hot Spots and why a Wonderfold Stroller Wagon is the must-have festival travel companion, we caught up with Peter & Keeley Cox AKA @vibeslifeus, who are, quite literally, ‘Festival Pros’.

This London-based family of four, who shared their love of festivals together for many years before their children, Emerson (7) and Sully (2) joined the party, love travelling and finding as much adventure as possible in everyday life.

They spend their summers travelling up and down the UK, experiencing the UK’s family festival scene. So far Emerson has clocked up an impressive 31 festivals and Sully has been to 10.

Keeley told us: “First things first: it’s essential to plan ahead. Make sure you’re familiar with the festival layout and schedule, noting kid-friendly activities and performances. Pack essentials such as sunscreen, hats, water bottles and plenty of snacks to keep everyone energised throughout the day.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a change of clothes for little ones! It’s also a good idea to establish a meeting point in case someone gets separated in the crowd we’ve got a great tip outlined below in our ‘Top Tips’ for this (number 7!)!

We had so many great and memorable festival experiences last year and made so many great family memories, but particular highlights were celebrating Sully’s 1st birthday at Camp Bestival – we celebrated in the Greatest Tent on Earth, loads of people came to celebrate with us whilst Junior Jungle hosted a kids rave – it was perfect!  The other ‘best’  moment was getting to see Em live his best life on Pete’s shoulders at the front of Bob Vylan at Standon Calling: Em is a big punk fan so seeing how excited and into the performance he was, was simply the best.

We’re also really excited to be attending our very first Isle of Wight festival, as a family this year.  We have a pretty packed festival roster, but the main ones we’re attending, and consequently some of our all-time favourites, are Wilderness, Tunes In The Dunes, Shambala, the last-ever Nozstock, Camp Bestival and our personal highlight, Elderflower Fields.

Last year, we discovered WonderFold Stroller wagons and we’re really looking forward to using it again. Having a WonderFold in a festival environment has really been a game-changer for us! We’re not sure who loves it more – us or the boys!

The first thing that stood out to us about the WonderFold wagon was the quality of the wagon itself. The look and feel of the materials used on the wheels, handles and canopy was instantly reassuring. The whole build quality of the wagon filled us with confidence from the start. We could tell that even with constant use over varying terrains this wagon was going to remain safe and sturdy for the kids.

The manoeuvrability, whether pushing or pulling, was also a massive dividend in our eyes. We knew very early on that this wagon would be suitable for use right through festival season and beyond!”

Vibes Life Us’ Top Tips for Family Fun this Summer:

  1. Pack for every situation! A family day out is not the time to be travelling light, make use of the many handy pockets on a WonderFold Wagon to pack spares and make sure you’ll have everything you need to keep everyone comfortable and happy.
  2. Set your watches to parent time to ensure you’re always running ahead of schedule, so if your train departs at 2, tell the kids it leaves at 1:30 to ensure they maintain a sense of urgency that keeps your day on track.
  3. Don’t fear the weather! Use the WonderFold Wagon’s spectacular sun shade to protect the kids from sunburn and don’t forget to keep the rain cover handy to protect from any sudden downpours, keeping the little ones and their toys, dry and ready to explore. Don’t forget to keep suncream and spare clothes in one of the pockets to guarantee a successful day.
  4. Load up the snack table! The WonderFold Wagon’s snack table means the kids can have easy access to snacks all day, so can graze to their heart’s content. Try to keep it simple with kid-friendly favourites like rice cakes, crackers or carrot sticks. Keeping snacks on hand also saves money, so is a double win for parents!
  5. Pick your battles! If there’s a long day ahead let smaller things, like wearing odd socks or wellies in July, slide. This will give you more bargaining power later in the day if they decide they won’t participate in the activities you have planned.
  6. Let your kids take the lead, and see where you end up!
  7. Pack fairy lights to decorate your wagon, so it’s festival-ready but can also be seen in the dark – IT also makes for a great meeting point in the crowd.
  8. And finally – JUST GO FOR IT! and don’t forget to capture the precious memories with plenty of photos to cherish for years to come.

What’s a WonderFold Stroller Wagon?

WonderFold offers a fantastic range of stroller wagons, crafted to ensure child safety and shoulder the load, allowing you to roam freely and relish the festival fun.

  1. It is designed to carry children and luggage galore. It can be used with seats or without!
  2. The Push and push-and-pull wagons are compact and easy to tow around busy campsites.
  3. All-terrain wheels make fields and beaches a breeze.
  4. The easy fold-unfold mechanism means it can load into your car boot.
  5. Features a UV protection canopy to protect kids from the sun.
  6. It has in-built 5-point safety harnesses, which means it’s safe and suitable for children from six months old.
  7. They can hold weight up to 21 stones if you are up for the push!
  8. And what family festival must-have wouldn’t be complete without a rain cover and snack tray, available from the accessories collection!

To find out more about WonderFold and how their wagons can enhance your family outings or festival experience visit Wonderfold Wagon.

Follow Keeley, Pete, Em & Sully’s festival and travel escapades on their Instagram page @vibeslifeus, where they share weekly family festival updates. They’re your go-to experts for all things festivals, from activities and performers to ticket releases and reviews.

When not travelling or dancing in fields, they also like attending theme parks or being tourists in their home city of London. In addition to being obsessed with music, and festival culture they love cats, are rollercoaster enthusiasts and the boys are pretty crazy over Lego and trains.

Sponsored content in collaboration with WonderFold.
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